Snow Fortitude

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About Snow Fortitude Game

The Snow Fortitude game gives you an opportunity to build a snow fort and to inhabit it with characters from your favourite Disney TV shows. Choose between Phineas and Ferb, Pair of Kings, Crash and Bernstein, Kickin` It, Randy Cunningham and Lab Rats and place them in and out of the fort! After the job is done, test your fort against severe snow and wind, and make sure it`s standing still. Start building the fort by dragging blocks of different shapes and placing them as for how you wish. If you find the assortment too poor to realize your plan, you can make your special self-design blocks! Just draw them on the left bar. Check how stable the fort is by pressing the play button. If some of the blocks fall, you can press pause and fix the building. You can see your score and the height of the fort in the upper right corner of the screen. There are several levels of stress. Each one adds severity to the weather when you test your fort. Make it stable, so you won`t lose. Pay attention to overlapping blocks and move them to better positions. Give way to your creativeness! There are too many things you are able to build up with Snow Fortitude! The process requires all your patience and engineering skills. Try to pass all the levels and reach the very top. And finally... Destroy your fort with Snowbots and build it again!

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