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Are you a great cook? Do you feel like a master chef in the kitchen? Then you are exactly like the little Ratatouille. Remy and his talented mouse friend are making the best team when it comes to food and the French cuisine. Not only that they love to cook together, but also they are best friends and do all sort of things together. They go shopping together, they talk about things, and they play different games. One of their favorite game is Sort my Tiles, and today you have a chance to play with them. To win the game you have to use your mouse to fix some tiles on a big image. To get the pieces, click on the red button from the left corner, and one by one, the tiles will appear on the screen. Once you put one tile in the right place, you will not be able to move it anymore. If you did not manage to fix the tile, you would not be able to click on the red button for another one. Once you have set all the tiles, you will get a beautiful picture of Remy and Ratatouille sitting in the kitchen and talking. What do you think they talk about? Food? On the other hand, maybe about more fun activities to do together. Well, it is easy to find out. Follow the steps and create the image and you will find out. Have a little bit of fun in the kitchen with your new best friends and let us know how much you enjoy it.

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