Summer Balloon Battle Royale

Play Summer Balloon Battle Royale
Play Summer Balloon Battle Royale

About Summer Balloon Battle Royale Game

Welcome to the Summer Balloon Battle Royale game! We bring on this competition our good fellows from different parts of the Disney`s world. Here they are: Zeke (our excellent skater), Jack (young karate sensei), Kick Buttowski (young boy whose full name is Clarence Francis “Kick” Buttowski and who aspires to become the world`s greatest daredevil), Brady (one of the heirs to the throne of the island of Kinkow) and Perry the Platypus or simply Agent P (the pet platypus of the Flynn-Fletcher family with amazing secret life as agent of the O.W.C.A.). Which one you like the most? Choose one of them to be your player and let`s start! To win we need to pop balloons, but we must be careful, because some of them are “bad”. Popping the “bad” balloon will bring us negative points. Only good balloons will give us good score. The good balloons are named as invisible, extra balloon, turbo, etc. One good balloon could freeze an opponent in the game and give us more space and advantage in time over our opponents. That`s great, isn`t it? Bad balloons are in red and orange color, so you will notice it easy. On the first level we play on the Brady`s terrain, Island of Paradise. If we pass the level, we are going at the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. This karate place will be open to us, only when we make satisfying progress on the Island of Paradise. The gate of the Riot SkatePark, place where Zeke is the main boss, will be open after we make a good score on the karate warriors` ground. After that we are going in the Mellowbrook Park, and finally our last place for balloon battle competition is in the Agent P`s Lair. Let`s play with our royal competitors!

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