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Kim Possible is on another mission in the Super Villain Smash Out game. In this classic paddle/ball/goal game, you need to use your paddle to knock the ball away from your goal. Both sides need to defend their own goals with their paddles. But the fun is always in the middle. The middle of the court nests brick walls. Those brick walls hide various icons that bring you many perks during the match. The figures can send you bonus points, rocket-launcher to rocket launch your ball straight into the opponent`s goal. Icons also contain freezers which will freeze your paddle from moving. Shrinking or expanding your goal can be good or extremely bad. It really depends on what symbols you collect. There is a list of all the icons in "How to play" section of the game, so feel free to read through the instructions and memorize all the figures and the perks they hold. This way, you`ll be able to avoid the ones you don`t need and pick up the ones you wish for. After some time of playing, all the bricks will be gone, and you`ll be left alone with your opponent. Your primary objective is to score three goals before your opponent does. That way you`ll pass onto the next level, and each new level will bring more fun, and it`ll be more difficult than the last. Try not to score into your own goal because that will give your opponent a much easier task of beating you in this game.

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