Tigger`s Cloud Hop

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About Tigger`s Cloud Hop Game

Welcome to the “Tigger`s Cloud Hop” online game! What is all the tigers` favorite pastime? Have any ideas? Of course, it`s bouncing! Just take a look at Tigger the Tiger from the Hundred Acre Wood and you will understand what are we talking about! Tigger is spending his days dashing around, jumping and singing. He is probably the most carefree and positive creature ointhe wood. Winnie and Piglet are up to another honey venture, Rabbit is busy doing gardening in his beloved garden, Christopher Robin feels bored at school, and so on. Everyone got something to do. But look at Tigger! He chose his favorite hobby: bouncing! Really, who cares about such stupid things as honey or garden or school, when you can jump till the sky? Let`s help Tigger to practice bouncing even better. Jump with him higher and higher to beat all the records! Tigger found clouds and he wants to try them. He wants to get as high as possible by bouncing from one to another one. Guide Tigger by moving the mouse and jump by clicking. Jump up by pushing from the clouds and try not to fall. Get points for each cloud you hit. The longer you stay in the air, the better score you will have! Compare your score to the best one and try to beat it! Don`t hesitate, if you meet some of your friends in the sky. Bounce them off and earn more points! You will have to start over, if you touch the ground. Test how high Tigger can jump and help him jump higher!

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