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About Tower-Inator Game

Phineas and Ferb realized they want to communicate with aliens. In order to do so, they bought a great number of satellites to build a satellite communicate tower just to realize those satellites they bought are actually dangerous robots that need to be destroyed, thus creating just another adventure, Tower-Inator game! Luckily, Agent P comes to the rescue to destroy all the evil robots. Agent P uses machinery that allows him to aim his projectiles at the satellite towers. By moving your mouse around the screen you can set up the angle of a shot to be fired. When you find a desirable angle, stop moving the mouse and press+hold MOUSE BUTTON 1 until the power bar reaches a desired level of power. When it reaches the power you wish for, release the MOUSE BUTTON 1. That way the projectile will fly under the angle you chose, and it will be fired by the power you desire. The goal is to hit the tower, so it`ll shake and fall apart destroying the satellites in the process (remember - the main goal of the game is to destroy these dangerous satellites!). Agent P has a great arsenal of projectiles starting with a cannonball and explosive pineapple and more to be unlocked. Do your best to research the tower before firing upon it. That way you`ll be able to destroy it more precisely and with fewer shots. If you manage to destroy the tower (and all the satellites with it) in few shots, you`ll be granted a trophy and more points for successfully finishing the level. Collect all the trophies and master this game!

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