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Were you looking for a combat and strategy type of game? Pirate's Conquest game is a match for you then! This twisted adventure is for those who enjoy conquering cities, gathering a pirate army and eventually ruling the world. Play as Davy Jones and his crew, and sail all over the world to accomplish your mission as a pirate!

After you selected the game, the main screen will appear. On it, there are a few buttons, one for High scores, one for Help and one for starting the game. Press the high scores button to see how well you did on your journey, and maybe to boast about it with your friends, why not?

The Help button will direct you to the helpful instructions. I recommend you not to jump over them this time because the game that you are about to play requires you to know very well what everything does so let us go through them very quickly. After you click it, you will find out first your goal, that is to conquer ten cities on the map.

Learn how to control your ship

To use your ship and sail, press the arrows to move the boat where you want it to be, to slow down or accelerate. As you float around on the first map, look for a city to conquer. They are all different from each other because they have different levels of defense against sieges.

When you approach each town, you will be able to see how hard are they to overcome, from one to five, one being the easiest. At first, it is recommended to try your skills on a more accessible target, namely a city whose rank is one. This way you will know what to expect further on during the game. Once you have chosen which one to attack, it is time to select it by pressing the spacebar, and the adventure will begin.

Try to get used to the commands of the vessel by sailing around a bit and collecting all the power-ups. The red cross one will strengthen your ship’s armor, and thus you will be able to sustain a lot more damage than you usually would. The next one is the small cannonball; it makes your attacks more powerful and quicker. This one is lifesaving without a doubt! And the last one is Propulsion which as you may have already guessed, boosts your speed and enables you to make faster turns.

Prepare a good strategy!

As you explore the map, you may come across other pirates that must be defeated. To attack, you have to use the A and S keys. The A key will start the canons on the left side of the boat, whereas the S one will fire the ones on the right side. Here’s a tip! When the fire-power is at its full capacity, tap the spacebar to summon the Kraken to help you win the battle. Awesome being Davy Jones, right?

When you have found the city that you have to overpower, start by attacking the fortresses that are surrounding it. Be extremely careful now because from a short distance they can shoot back at you, thus causing tremendous damage to your ship. Oh, and do not forget to avoid all the whirlpools, they can drag you in and harm your vessel. Now you’re ready to start the conquest, press play and get ready to fight!

What else you should know

Let us now study the screen and its icons. In the right part of the screen at the very top is your score. During the game, you will gain or lose points, of which you can keep a count of only by looking up there. A little bit lower you will find an icon that counts the number of cities you have destroyed out of ten. Right in the middle, there is the icon for the fire-power, made up of two halves for the right and left cannons.

In the bottom of the right corner, the Defence Level of the city you are currently trying to conquer reminds you of the level of difficulty. The last button on the screen is the Menu, which gives you three options. The first one is the Help, which takes you to the instructions from the beginning in case you feel like you have forgotten about something. The second one is the Sound, which allows you to mute the background music and the last one is the Resume, which leads you back into the game.

With all this knowledge you will indeed become a conqueror! So do not waste any more time and set sail, pirate!

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