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About Depths of the Dutchman Game

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Ready to have another adventure along with you infamous Captain Jack Sparrow? Arr...I thought so too. Then prepare yourself because the Depths of the Dutchman game takes more than courage to complete. Avoid all the obstacles that stand in your way to save all your shipmates from a horrible fate on this vessel. Do not let them down, so let’s start the game.

How to play the game

First, before playing, take a look at the instructions. Press Help and read them carefully. The main idea is to use the arrows keys on your keyboard to control Sparrow’s movements and when you want to grab or to drop a key press the spacebar. As easy as falling off a log! Now the harder part. 

Throughout the game, you will see all sorts of dangers and obstacles. The scariest of them all, the lost souls of Davy Jones, are probably the most dangerous. They act similarly to a sort of a guardian; while they are on the watch, you have to avoid them at any cost, if not they will catch you and you will lose one of your lives instantly. Not quite amusing, I tell you.

Other things that you should avoid are the flames. Do not even try to jump over them or you will get burnt and, guess what? You will lose another life. Try instead to wait for them to go off, and only then pass them. When you finally get to the keys, use them to open the cages in which your mates were locked. Sometimes, instead of a friend, you will see that a treasure is behind bars. Do as you would usually do with a shipmate, collect it for later, and get a higher score.

Game Interface

Now let us enter the Dutchman and click the play button at the bottom of the page. Have a look at the top of the screen. Up there in the top left corner, there is your score, as you progress you will get a higher or a lower one, depending on how you manage to pass all the challenges. A teeny tiny bit more to the right is a small image of Jack’s face, there are your remaining lives for the game.

In the top right corner, there is the reset button. I advise you to press it whenever you feel like you could have done better on a specific level. It will take you back to the beginning of the stage that you are currently at the moment. Quite useful I would say.

A little bit more to the left is the chronometer, it measures how much time you have been playing. Last but not least, down in the right corner is the Menu button. When you click it, it will open the menu, where you can choose to look again at the instructions from the beginning by pressing the Help icon.

If you do not like the background music and you prefer listening to yours, press Sound off anytime you want to mute the game. In case of an emergency in real life, click Quit to close everything, but I warn you, you will lose all your progress if you choose to quit! Finally, there is also a Resume button if you want to jump back into the game to save your pirate friends. Now the time to play has come!

Make your way through the levels

The first level is surprisingly simple; there are only one guard and a couple of torches which you have to avoid. Grab the key and the money and unlock your mate. There is also a time bonus that you can achieve if you move fast. The quicker you do all your tasks, the bigger the reward will be.

After checking your scores, press Continue to get to the next level. The second one is a little bit more challenging than the first. There are more keys to grab and more obstacles to pass, but at the same time, the reward is more significant.

As you progress throughout all the seven levels, everything will get more and more difficult but do not let that scare you! Keep calm and use your head to overcome even the greatest obstacles! Once you have freed all your crew from the hands of Davy Jones, run away from the Dutchman as fast as you can and do not look back!

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