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Help away your favorite pirate on his new adventure. Your all-time favorite Captain Jack Sparrow has to collect lost souls to pay a debt to the horrible Davy Jones. The Sink or Spin game will keep you entertained for hours once you get how to play it! Therefore let us look first at the instructions, which you can access conveniently right from the start screen.

So click on the Instructions icon down below, and you will see that virtually all you have to do is to use the arrows on your keyboard to control your ship. Yes, YOUR ship captain!

How to play the game

The aim is to capture100 lost souls that the Kraken spits out during the game, but dangers are all across. Try to avoid getting near the vortex, or it will suck you in, in a blink of an eye! You will receive continuous damage as long as you are inside it and I assure you that nobody wants that for their ships.

Collect all the gunpowder that you can find on your way, and you will be able to shoot at the Kraken just by pressing the spacebar. It needs three hits to be taken down. Well, what can I say, he likes to put up a fight. Once you managed to snatch your victory from his jaws, he will release some souls and gunpowder but do not celebrate yet; he will come back for you for sure.

Watch out when he makes his appearance from the depths of the sea, he will try to smash your vessel with one of his terrifying tentacles. Avoid them by looking at the ones which are flashing. If it flickers, that means that it is the one that will strike next, so be a step ahead of it and sail away from them towards safety.

On your journey do not forget to avoid the mines. They will undoubtedly cause a lot of damage to your ship, and nobody has got time for that.

The Game Interface

Now it is finally the time to press the Play button and enjoy the game. Look at the top of the screen, and you will see right there on the left for how long you have been playing, and on the right how many lost souls you have collected until now for captain Jack's debt. Quite useful I would say.

Always keep an eye out like a good pirate that you are at the lower part of the screen, where you can see how damaged your ship is, and how much gunpowder you have left after putting down that nasty Kraken.

If you happen to need any help, do not hesitate and click the Help button right away. It will automatically pause the game for you and show the instructions again. To resume the game click on Close or you can always choose to restart the game and take it all over anew from the start.

Don't forget to enjoy the inspiring pirate music in the background; surely Sparrow loves it! After the game ends, whether you win or lose, you will see your progress from your current game and your highest score. So Arr! Do not waste any more time and rise your sails high!

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