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Got tired of your usual 'save the princess' game? Then the Cursed Cave Crusade game is your savior! Fight your way through the twisted passages along with the brave Will Turner to save Elizabeth from Captain Barbossa’s hands. This adventurous game will leave you out of breath because to finish it, you won’t need only your best pirate skills, but also you will have to be very smart.

After you select the game, press Help to see what you are required to do and how to play. The instructions are quite simple, use the arrow keys to move around and press the spacebar whenever you want to attack one of those nasty pirates that kidnapped your beloved Elizabeth. Now you are ready to click play and rescue the girl.

The Gameplay

You will find yourself somewhere in a hidden cave, the secret hideout of Barbossa. If you look in the upper part of the screen, you will see a blue bar and a little picture of you. That is your health, and as you receive more and more damage from the fights, the blue line will get shorter.

Just a little bit more on the right you will see a number, those are your remaining lives. When the blue line erases itself entirely due to damages, you will lose a life; however, the blue bar will fill itself up again in no time. Up there in the middle is the score counter and last but not least the Menu button. By clicking on it, you will be able to choose to mute the game, but I am sure that you enjoy the pirate music as much as I do.

Right by the Mute icon, there is the Help button which you already know, it takes you back to the instructions from the beginning, in case you forgot something. Next, you will find the Quit icon, but I advise you to use it only when it is necessary! Pirates are no quitters! And, as you can see, the last option is to resume the game. Click Resume to jump back into the action and kick some pirate butts.

Fight your way through the levels

Now it is time to begin the rescue mission. The first level is full of traps and enemies. Collect all the coins that you can find on your way to win some more points, but do not let the pirates get you! They will try to fight you without any hesitation. Take great care not to be injured by the swords and the arrows that pop out of the walls and ground. Also, take precaution to avoid falling into the water or on those spiky wood thingies because they will make you lose a life instantly.

Once you get to the last pirate, you will not pass the level until you manage to defeat him. Try to attack him only when he is moving, this way it will be way smoother, and you will save precious lives and health. Once you pass to the next level, your background changes and your enemies will be harder to beat. Do not be reckless, lose your head one second and you will get killed the next.

Here is a hint from a fellow pirate, to pass, use the claw that drops barrels over your head to make a ladder! You are getting closer now, do not give up yet and fight your way through the third level. Follow the dangerous path to Elizabeth to the fourth and last stage.

How to defeat Barbossa

Now get ready to fight Barbossa himself. Teach him a lesson and show him how to use a sword properly. When he kicks you, get up fast and attack him back! Do this again and again, until you manage to overcome him and rescue your girl.

This last level will need a lot of patience and calm if you want to win. Take your time and try your best until the terrible Barbossa is finally defeated. If you happen to lose the game before finishing the game, an image with Barbossa will show up, laughing at you, but do not let that discourage you, pirate!

Check your score and remember it so that after you press that "Play Again" button down there, at the bottom of the screen, you will score an even higher one. When you have finally won, you will see an image of Will and Elizabeth together, so sweet!

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