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Virtual realities, specialized training, programmed enemies. These are only a few of the things that a spy has to deal with. You will be able to sense this on your own skin in the Robot Island Game. Simulations, fights, firing with guns, all of these and a lot more will await you down the corner. But the question is: do you feel prepared? Can you face the challenge with grace and prove to Jerry that you are one of the good spies? Then what are you waiting for? 

Yes, we know. School can be incredibly boring. Sam, Alex, and Clover feel the same, sometimes. Even though they excel in every subject at their high-school. But the boredom fades away once Jerry scoops them in the WOOHP office for their Cyber Training Day. And you know very well that nothing actually compares to a good virtual reality that prepares you for an actual island of robots.

But the maze is so difficult to solve alone, and the quests are quite challenging. That is why the girls need you the most. You, with all of your skills and abilities, will most certainly help them overcome all of the difficulties that they might come across. So just join them in their virtual adventure and show how excellent you are. 

Face the virtual challenge of WOOHP

The steps towards the success in this Cyber Training Day are quite easy to follow. You will just need to listen carefully to all of Jerry’s instructions. But first things first, you have to select the character that you want to accompany you throughout your virtual journey. Once this operation is completed, you will be ready to begin.

Train yourself properly and make sure you know what you are doing before you actually go in that field. To control your character, you can use the left and right arrow keys. Jumping is ensured by the spacebar. To help your girl kick the objects or the enemies, the “C” button will be there for you. And the “V” key will be used for firing the gun. 

Make sure you complete the mazes that come with each level. And do this without being attacked by the virtual monsters. If one of them touches you, you might lose a part of your life. Also, to use your gun, you must find specific bonuses on your way towards the end of the level. Collect them to have the power that you need for your weapon.

You might also combine the commends. Hence, to kick a box that can be found underneath yourself, you might use the “down” arrow with the “C” button together. If you want to shoot an object that can be found above you, use the “V” button alongside the “up” arrow and your success will be guaranteed. 

There are more tips and tricks on how to become a brilliant spy. But to discover them, you will need to play this fantastic game and prove your worth. So what do you say? Are you ready for this virtual adventure?

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