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Secret missions and difficult quest await you and our beloved spies in the Totally Spies: Booby-Trap Fortress Game. And why? Because WOOHP has something special in the plan for today. But do you think you can reach up to Jerry's expectations and fulfill your duties? Are you able to help the girls solve the mission before it is too late? Then grab your gadgets and let's go!

The life of a spy is not always pink and shiny. Even though it might seem thrilling and exciting, Sam, Alex, and Clover still have to face difficulties in every mission assigned by Jerry. But they always have a plan B. So this time, you are in luck. Because you will get to be the girls' most valuable help. You will now have the responsibility to free the girls from the evil forces and stop their maleficent plan once and for all. But be extremely careful, because the enemies are everywhere. And you must protect yourself and the girls from them. 

How to be a great Spy for WOOHP

A team of villains is planning to release chemicals into the atmosphere and pollute the world. The three girls must stop them from doing this by infiltrating in their hidden fortress and steal the information stored on their computers. Jerry has given them some useful gadgets so that they would fulfill their duties easier.

Given the fact that each spy has a particular ability, you have to work as a team if you want to finish the mission successfully! As such, Clover can hack into the enemies' system using the laptop. Sam will not be detected by the surveillance cameras if she wears a clip given by Jerry. And Alex can move around the fortress without being caught by the movement detectors hidden in the floor, with the use of the shock absorbers.

But unfortunately, as soon as they arrived, they have been caught by the guards and trapped. The only one that Jerry was able to free is Clover. She must now set the other two girls free and stop the enemies from acting. And you are the only one who could help her.

Prepare a good game strategy!

Once Clover is free, help her move around the fortress using the arrow keys. The space bar will be used to activate specific programmes or to jump over the traps. Beware of the evil guards. They can be found anywhere.

Once you free another girl, you can switch and choose the spy you want to control by clicking on the "C" button. Choose carefully, taking into account the skill you need to solve that specific part of the mission. Do you need to hack the system? Then Clover is your girl. Do you have to move so that the guards will not see you? Choose Sam.

And wherever there are movement sensors in the floor, only Alex could help you. But remember the fact that you must first find a way to free the girls. Follow the precise instructions given by Jerry throughout the mission, and you will be safe and sound. 

So what do you say? Do you have what it takes to fulfill this particular quest? Accompany your three favorite spies and put an end to that evil plan.

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