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Oh no! Something peculiar has been happening at the Groove. The peaceful citizens are claiming that they have been attacked by random flying objects. In the Groove Panic Game, only you could save them from the enemies and bring back the peace. But do you have what it takes to be a true hero? Let's find out!

Enemies have all sorts of strategies regarding the domination of the world. Now, they plan to throw daily objects towards the citizens of Groove in order to attack them and draw their attention. But the well-trained spies can stop them at any time of the day. And now, you get to help them achieve this.

Grab your gun and help your favorite characters stop the evil master plan. They can't do this alone, but with you by their side, everything is possible. So what do you say? Are you ready to begin your adventure and save the locals from this evil attack? 

How to restore the peace like a spy

As you might know, a spy always as a laser gun nearby. And why exactly? Well, it is meant to help them in these specific situations. Who knows when the enemies might strike? And who can foresee the weapons that they are going to use? Regardless of the enemies and their weapons, your laser gun will always come in handy. But you must use it carefully. It is a gun, nevertheless. But besides that, let's see how you can use it in this specific battle. Because you will not be able to help the three girls without proper training.

First things first, make sure you select the character that you love the most. Then, grab your laser and aim at the foreign objects that surround you with the mouse. To fire your laser, just click on the enemies. The bigger the objects that you shoot with your laser gun, the more points you will win, but the more dangerous they will be.

Do not let the enemies catch you. Any object that might touch you will make you lose one life of the four that you are given at the beginning of the game. Once you move on to the next levels, you might access one more additional life. But pay attention to all those flying objects and do not let any of them get to you.

Also, do not forget to write down all of the passwords that you see. You will receive them at the beginning of every level. These passwords will help you start the game from where you left it, next time you play it. 

Does it seem challenging? It actually is. But all of the spies believe in you. And we know that you can do anything. Some come and save the city!

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