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About Agent P Treasure Island Game

Ready to join Agent P in one more adventure? Hop right in! Perry the Platypus has to win another battle against the evil Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz in Agent P & Treasure Island game, but he won`t be able to do it without your help and support! Perry is one of the most interesting characters from the famous Phineas & Ferb cartoon and he has a lot of important missions to attend to every single day. Even though people around him think he is simply a quiet pet platypus of the Flynn-Fletcher family, Perry is actually a secret agent with a lot of difficult quests to take and mysteries to solve. When you join Perry on this adventure, make sure you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to help him move up and down and your space bar to get him to jump. Your goal is to collect the message in the bottle at the end of the level in order to finish it successfully. You should be aware of the crabs, octopuses, spiders and similar enemy animals while you are playing. Try to jump on them to destroy them or simply avoid them. Collect the coins on the way to your goal in order to get more points and open the chests to get power boosters and extra points. Try to help Perry not to fall into one of the holes, because he can only bounce back seven times because he has got only seven lives. In order for Perry to achieve his goal, you must finish all eight levels successfully – and be careful, because it is only getting harder for Agent P to fight against the enemies. Become a secret agent on Perry`s team and help him win the battle against Doofenshmirtz by having fun!

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