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The famous cars that made history and showed you how fabulous everything could be when you are in a race have returned in the incredible World Grand Prix game! Now they are in Tokyo, which is the first location of the big Grand Prix event, having the time of their lives. Lightning McQueen has made many new friends who love racing too. You have the chance now to meet them all! During this game, you need to do your best on the streets, trying to win the race and demonstrate everyone that you really are the best of them all. Lightning McQueen has never been more ready to show it to all the cars that exists. There are six different races taking place in three locations: first two in Tokyo, the next ones in Italy and the final ones in London. You need to qualify within top three in each race in order to unlock the next one! There are different terrain surfaces in each racetrack, a mixture between asphalt, cobblestone and dirt in various percentages. This is an important detail, since your car will act differently on each specific type of terrain, for instance it will be much easier to steer it on asphalt than on cobblestone. At the end of each race, depending on the position you managed to achieve, you might also have a new car unlocked. Each car has some set of abilities best suited for a particular type of terrain; you can check that in car`s description once you have it unlocked. So if you know that the next race you`re going to attend to is mostly on asphalt, then it would entirely make sense to choose a car which is best suited for asphalt. Controlling the vehicle during the race is pretty straightforward, just use your UP and DOWN arrow keys for acceleration or brake, and the LEFT and RIGHT keys for steering the car. Be careful though, there are some important details you need to pay attention to during the race in order to succeed. For instance, in each race there are different obstacles which might slow you down. This is why you need to avoid them in order to be able keep up the speed. A few examples would be the oil stains or open sewage caps. You also need to pay extra attention to road crossings, because most of the time there will be some other cars passing by, which you will want to avoid bumping into! Try to anticipate the complexity of each next curve along the route, and adjust your speed accordingly. The GPS indications might really come in handy. Try to collect all the goodies on your way to gain specific advantages. For instance, lightning signs will bring you points, the tire signs will make your car more steady on the road and the stars signs will help you gain a speed boost! Concentrate on the game in order to help McQueen win the races. The best part about these races is that you will receive trophies when you do something right. This will help you become famous and the world will spread the word about you. Good luck and have fun while discovering new worlds with Lightning McQueen!

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