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Even if the Radiator Springs is quite a small town, there are so many exciting things to find there that you can barely imagine! There are so many hidden treasures you can find anywhere you turn around. There are car pieces everywhere you look and not only that. The Radiator Springs is indeed a beautiful place to visit and why not, to stay. Today there seem to be even more things everywhere you turn and that is why someone has to pick them up. In this new Car Hidden Objects game, you need to find different objects, indicated at the bottom of the screen, and collect them from the featured cars picture. When you see the object you were looking for, just click on it, and it will disappear from your list. Be careful because some objects are small or they can hide really well. Besides, the time also passes. If you just randomly press somewhere on the screen and it is a wrong spot, you will lose some points. At the end of each level, you will be able to see your score and the time you spent for finishing the level. When the game ends, you will receive your final score. The objects can be anywhere, so this is the reason why you should pay a very close attention all the time. Open up your eyes and find everything that is needed in Radiator Springs. The faster you manage to find all the objects, the better it is for you and your final score. We know that you can do this, so go on and start looking for the items on the list!

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