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Get ready for some bone-crunching, earth-shattering showdown of two of the roughest, toughest contenders you`ve ever seen! Welcome to GWA Wrestling Wriot game, a classic wrestling match that promises to be a classic in every sense of the word! Step up to the ring and help one of our wrestlers become the undisputed champion! In this game, Pain King and Steel Toe will test their might against each other, by trying to beat the other in four rounds or more successfully. In the beginning, you need to choose your wrestler, and you need to do so wisely, as they both look tough as nails, but only one can win! After that, our contenders waiting in their respective corners, and by clicking your LEFT mouse key, you choose one of the three available hellraising punches to beat your opponent. The Cannonball smash, Propeller smother and the `Clampdown shred` are three available moves to make your opponent suffer! After both of the wrestlers choose their moves, they will begin fighting. Be careful though, because who wins the round depends on the punches each of the wrestlers chooses. For example, the `Cannonball smash` is stronger than the Clampdown, the Propeller smother beats the Cannonball, and the Clampdown` beats the Propeller smother. If by chance, both players choose the same move, they will smash their heads, and both will land into the ropes with a splitting headache, which adds an extra touch of chaos! The referee wants a good, clean fight between the two contenders, no punches below the belt, no sucker punches, and no eye poking! Ladies and gentlemen, the gloves have been touched, let`s get ready to rumble!

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