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Do you want to become the biggest fashionista when you grow up? Start your career by playing Jonas L.A. - Stellavator Stylin` game! This one is dedicated to every fashion and Jonas Brothers lover worldwide. The aim of is to dress up each brother as fast as you can and as stylish as you can. Ready for the challenge? Then let us start. To dress them you have to search out throughout their wardrobe the best clothing articles that fit the outfit for the upcoming event. Choose the garments according to the Style meter of the Stellavator. It will show you precisely how fashionable the outfit you designed is. But be careful, you have a limited time of a few seconds to gather up all the clothes for all the three marvelous pop stars. They are indeed in a hurry to go to all sorts of fancy events so do not keep them waiting. If you finish faster the dress-up, hit the Done button to get the much-needed extra points. Everybody likes a person that gets everything done quickly! While you try to figure out what goes well with what, reply to Stella`s text messages to let her know how well you are getting on with your job, and obtain some other bonuses. As you go on with the game, some clothing articles will need a little bit of adjustment. Look out for those that have to be ironed cleaned or maybe even fixed to get the full Style. When you will feel in need of some professional help, press Hint and ask Stella for a little help to dress the boys as nicely as possible.

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