About Jonas L.A. - Stellavator Stylin`

You have to help style Jonas with the Stellavator! The Stellar Stylz scoreboard displays your overall style rating and assesses your skills as a wardrobe stylist! Stella will text you when an event comes up. Be ready! Click the arrows to cycle through the different clothing options. The Style Meter gauges your outfit. But watch the timer, because when it runs out, Jonas are stuck with whatever they`re wearing! If you find the perfect outfit with time to spare, click the button to send your guy off early and earn extra points! Need a little extra help from your fellow fashionista? Click the Hint button for tips from Stella - but you only get a few hints per event, so use them wisely! Reply to Stella`s text message here to let her known you got it and to snag some bonus points. Shoot for a high Stellar Stylz score to go on to the next level!

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