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About Jump the Shark Game

Hope you are ready to start a great new adventure because your favorite Disney XD characters are eagerly waiting for you to help them have a lot of fun while playing the incredibly entertaining Jump the Shark game! All of the best Disney XD characters have gathered and are waiting for you to select the one that would like to go on a fun new mission with the most. The goal is to launch your character as far as you can into the water to get more points. In order to go the farthest you can, try to jump onto any shark you see, because doing this will help you bounce up and continue moving. You can use your left mouse button or your space bar in order to control the jump. Also, pay attention to the turning wheel at the beginning of the game – you want to click your left mouse button or press space when the white arrow points to the red part of the wheel in order to launch your characters farther away. Select the perfect character for this adventure or give each one of them a go! If you want to have a leader and a mentor on your side, then Jack from Kicking It would be the perfect for you. You can select the reckless Crash from Crash and Bernstein if you wish to have a lot of fun, Phineas and Ferb if you want two smart and interesting partners or the adventurous and fun-loving Milo from Fish and Hooks. However, you might decide to take the kind-hearted Wander from Wander over Yonder on an adventure or perhaps the loyal and responsible bionic teenager Leo Dooley from Lab Rats. Randy Cunningham, the intelligent and skillful ninja from Randy Cunningham: the 9th Grade Ninja might also be an excellent choice, as well as the laid-back Kaz and cautious Oliver from Mighty Med. Don`t forget to check out who has the best floatiness, intertia and speed before you select your character. Enjoy yet another amazing Disney XD adventure and have a blast with your favorite characters!

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