Lightning Bug

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Play Lightning Bug

About Lightning Bug Game

Welcome to the Phineas and Ferb Lightning Bug game! Remember warm summer nights with mysterious bugs lightning in the dark which you always wanted to catch? That`s your chance to realize your wish! Phineas, Ferb and Perry the Platypus are going for a night fireflies hunt and taking you with them! Lead the friends through the night darkness and help them to collect lightning bugs for a fireflies lamp. There are bugs flying at a different height. Each of the characters has an ability to jump on a certain height. Choose one of them to reach and catch the bugs by clicking on him. You have a limited time to complete the task. Watch the timer placed in the upper part of the screen to see how much time you still have. The time increases if you`re hunting fireflies successfully. The more of them you catch, the more time you have. You can also drag the characters else were and line them up again, if the situation requires, by clicking anywhere above them. Of course, there are obstacles on the way. There is blinking sign in the corner to warn you about it. Make the characters jump over obstructions one by one. If one of the friends hit an obstacle, the time will rapidly decrease! Watch for bonuses, especially for flying clocks, they will give you extra time, if you catch them. The more lightning fireflies you capture, the faster the game will run! Good luck in catching them all.

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