Lizzie McGuire Dance Party

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About Lizzie McGuire Dance Party Game

If you enjoy dancing, you can easily choose the Lizzie McGuire Dance Party game and prove to everybody that you are the best under the reflectors. Before you get on the dance floor, you have first to pick one star from all of those that are at your disposal. You can choose between four characters, and more precisely between two boys and two girls, Matt, Gordo, Miranda, and Lizzie. Now after you have done this, you are ready to move freely on the dance floor! At your disposal, on the left side of the screen you will find eight different dance moves, and by clicking on one of the light blue buttons, you will be able to make one step at a time. Also you have five options underneath the boy or girl you choose: you can add up behind Matt, Gordo, Miranda or Lizzie, depending on which one you have selected, three backup dancers. You can change the character you are playing with, if you have questions regarding the game you can press the help button, or you can quit it if you feel like it. On the right side, you have three options. You can record 45 seconds of the dancing moves you are choosing to make under the light reflector, you can replay the moments and stop the recording. Also you can choose from a variety of dance floors the one you like the most, you can change the tunes, and you can send invitations to your friends. Who know, maybe someone will join you!

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