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What an amazing day! We wonder what Phineas and Ferb planning for today are! We have heard that they are going to play Perry’s Platypult game! It sounds entertaining, and if you are asking what this consists in, then you are lucky because today you have the chance to play it with them too. The boys took some time to construct a nice Platypult that looks just like Perry, only in a bigger size. Now they want to travel all around the town with it, and by that, they mean to fly up in the air until they reach the other part of the city. When they get there, they will turn back in the same way. Now does not it sound fun? What you have to do is simple. First off, make sure the angle of the Platypult is well positioned. You can do this thing using your up and down arrow keys from your keyboard. After you set the angle, press the Space Bar key to set the velocity on the bar from the left side of your screen. It tells you if you will fly on a high or at a low speed. Once you are up in the air, use the W, A, S, and D keys to keep the ship on the air. While you fly, you will find out that up there are many useful things. Such as balloons, which will help you float, or rackets that will give, you boosts or even hammers that will help you smash. Collect as many of those as you can. More than that get as many coins as you can so you can have a high final score. You can also see baby heads while you fly. Collect those as well because they will give you bonus points. The only things that you should be careful about are the Doofenshmirtz blimps. They will only stay on your way and will slow you down. If you manage to make it to the other side of the city, another Perry Platypult is going to be there waiting for you to send you back. Do the same thing as the first time and get all the goodies that you can while doing your best to go back from where you started. If you can fly over the city again, you will continue playing until you run out of power and you will fall. You will be able to see your final score at the end of the game, but also you can restart it anytime and try to beat your own score. On the lower side of the screen, you have the amount of smash, boost and float that you have while flying, but also the score and the time in which you get to travel to the other side of the city. This activity really sounds like a great adventure and something that everyone should try. If you are not convinced yet, then you should try it and see with your own eyes that it is worth it.

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