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Here`s another adventure having Perry the Platypus as the main protagonist, Perry Widgets game! Phineas and Ferb found blueprints of some incredible inventions they wish to build. To do so, they need lots of gear and widgets. Agent P decided to go one step ahead of the two and allow them to easily collect the widgets. In every level, Agent P must use his force field generators to move heavy objects (ex. boxes and widgets) around the level to make it easier for Phineas and Ferb to collect them. This puzzle game is made of 10 different levels and every level must be played two times. First, you play as Agent P because his agility and skills make it easier for him to move and jump around. Setting force fields to move objects and preparing the terrain for Phineas and Ferb`s arrival. After carefully thinking of many possible ways how to move objects around, place the force fields (SPACEBAR) next to the object you wish to move and if you placed it on the wrong side of the object, you can easily pick it up by pressing SPACEBAR again. Move your characters using directional keys on your keyboard (arrow keys - UP is for jump and double UP is for a double jump, LEFT and RIGHT are for moving and DOWN is for going down). After placing all 3 (sometimes less) force fields, go to the exit door and press SPACEBAR again to activate all fields. After you`ve finished playing with Agent P, Phineas and Ferb arrive at the scene to easily pick up the widgets. When they pick them all up, they should go the exit (SPACEBAR) and that way the entire level is finished. Finish all 10 levels to be able to build a robot called...?

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