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Uncle Art has a critical mission to do today. He has to deliver as many pizzas as he can to Robinson’s family members, but he needs your help in Pizza Delivery game. The Robinsons are scattered throughout today land, and they cannot go get the pizza for themselves. Uncle Art wants to make sure they receive the pizzas in time, and he uses his spacecraft to move through the city. Using Uncle Art’s navigation system, find out where the Robinsons are and follow the little arrow from your screen to get to them. Use the arrow keys to move and when you want to drop a pizza, just simply press the Space Bar button from your keyboard. Be very careful with the Robinsons pet dinosaur. He is going to chase you all the way to take your pizza. To make him stop, you need to collect the balls and the salt in your way. In this way, you will have a few seconds to run as far away from him as you can. To use the items against him, you need to press the Q key, and when you press the W key, you will cycle between multiple distraction items. Be careful because each of them has its pros and cons, so you need to use them wisely. More than that make sure that you do not run out of pizzas. When you empty your stock, go back to the ingredients store and make more pizzas. When you finish delivering pizza to all the Robinsons, your day will be over.

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