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A lot of malls across the whole globe have been recently discovered that they cannot control their prices anymore! Investigations have been made and it turns out that all of this is happening due to Tim Scam, who designed this scheme in order to achieve more customers for his online store! His plan, obviously, is to become one of the richest men on the planet! You need to help out Clover, Sam and Alex to fight against Tim`s scheme, and let the malls get back to their daily business! In order to do this you need to go to each affected mall and try to find its corresponding antivirus keycard. Once you have the card, you can proceed and clean up all the infected cash registers. This would not be a piece of cake job, because you should encounter serious resistance from a bunch of enemy robots along your way. Use your keyboard arrow keys in order to jump, crouch or move left or right, use the Z key to kick, X for using available gadget and space for action or collect a new gadget. Don`t forget to collect cash from all the ATM`s you may encounter, in order to gain extra points. If your energy goes low, you can always drink up latte`s to restore it. As an additional tip, if you`re lucky enough to stumble upon bubble gum, use it and you`ll get totally invincible! Have fun!

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