About Underground Adventure

Phineas and Ferb definitely know what they are going to do today. They are in the mood for some new adventures and you can join them as well in Underground Adventure game! The two friends want to collect jewels hidden in great caves under the ground. Candace is joining them to film the process. Are you in? Go down in the Underground and face the breathtaking world full of many fantastic and dangerous things! The amazing adventure is awaiting you! Let`s see how to deal with your task. There are dozens of jewels spread out in the underground. You will find a certain number of them on each of the levels. Collect them all to complete the level! Move using the arrow keys and jump using the spacebar. To obtain all the jewels you need to figure out how to reach them first! It`s not that simple, there are many hazards and obstructions on your way. You will need to get over tricking platforms that move and then, suddenly disappear right under your feet! There are firing lava balls and other dangerous things, you have to pass. Last but not least, there are some bonuses that might help you on your journey. You only have several lives, you can easily lose, if, for instance, fall into a lake of let some lava ball hit you. Get over lakes and canyons, jump from one platform to another one before they disappear, avoid hazards and reach all the jewels! Try not to fail, otherwise, you will need to start the game over.

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