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About UP Balloon Adventure Game

Carl and Russell become excellent friends, and they have a goal that they want to achieve. This is to get to the Paradise Falls. For doing this thing, they need many balloons that can transport their house in the air to the perfect place. In Up Balloon Adventure game, you can explore their world too and get to the Paradise Falls. You need to be prepared for such an adventure and get your skills to work. Use your mouse to control the house in the air and avoid the obstacles that come to you, such as taller buildings. Be very careful because the number of balloons that you have will reduce with every single hit that you make. From time to time, you can find helium in the air. You need to pick it because if you run out of helium, your house might not stay afloat. If you have always wanted to see the world from above the skies, you should try this game and see how far you can get. Do not worry if you remain without helium for once or if you hit the house for too many times. You can try again anytime until you become better and better. Carl and Russel would appreciate it if you help them get to Paradise Falls and make their dream come true. We are sure that you can show them what a good friend you can be and lead them the way. Do not forget to have fun while playing!

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