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Who doesn't enjoy Olympic sports? Now you get to compete in some of the most exciting events featuring your favorite characters with the Disney Summer Games! While mimicking the competitive atmosphere of any major sporting event, this game will help you practice your skills in a wide range of sports, such as gymnastics, diving, and even the long jump and the hurdles! You also get to enjoy the company of Mickey's friends and see them playing the role of professional athletes competing for the gold medal.

The game consists of four different events, which you can play separately or even one after the other, in the Team All-around event. Choose your character and the event from the main menu, and the game begins!

Play with your favorite Disney hero!

If you pick Goofy, you get to compete in an exciting race of hurdles. Press the left and right arrow alternately to run, then hit the space button at the right time to jump. In order to get a high score, you need to complete the race as fast as possible, without knocking out any hurdles.

Choosing Donald will take you to a diving competition, where you need to do perfect tricks and make a clean-entry on all three jumps! You start the jump by pressing space, then press it again to perform the trick. Make sure you wait until the arrow is in the green zone to get a high score. Do as many tricks as you can and don't forget to stabilize your entry in the water by pressing the left and right arrows. You can also play other Donald Duck Games if you like afterward!

Mickey's long jump game is based on similar controls. Press the left and right arrow alternatively to run, then hit space to start the jump. An angle meter will show up, with a moving pointer. Press space again when the arrow is in the green zone for a perfect jump!

If you enjoy gymnastics, the give Minnie's balance beam a try! You need to press the left and right arrows to keep her as balanced as possible. Being close to the center of the beam helps you earn power, which you then use to perform tricks. By pressing the C, Z or X  key, you can flip, twirl or even make a combo. Don't forget that you only have 1 minute to do your routine! In order to dismount, you need to execute a trick, then press the same key again and land.

Useful tips

Each of the mini-games features its own set of controls and instructions, which you can also access by clicking the help button, in the top right corner. Keep this in mind, as this might come in handy! By achieving high scores in an event, you earn stars, which you can then use to upgrade your character.

The upgrades enhance the skill of your athlete or unlock new moves, which can help you earn even higher scores. Click the help button to find out more about each upgrade and choose wisely! If you want to check the ratings and number of stars for each character, you can do so by clicking the scores button, in the left corner of the main menu.

So what are you waiting for? Run, jump, dive, twirl and earn high scores in your favorite Olympic events. Try out exciting new sports with Mickey and his friends and win the Gold Medal!

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