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Can you imagine something better than some well-cooked hotdogs at lunchtime or dinnertime or any other time of the day? We literally cannot do it, and neither does Mittens, the lovely cat friend of Bolt. Did you know they are her favorite? In Mittens’ Hot Dog Hideaway game, you will see many hotdogs flying over your head, all of them waiting for you to catch them.

Who is not dreaming of a world where you can eat as many hotdogs as you want and never pay for them or remain without? We know for sure that Mittens is one of those who want this to happen.

However, just like any other dream, it can also end if you drop more than six hotdogs per level.

How to play the game

Your job is to assist Mittens in handling all the flying hot dogs from the stand into her stash. To do this, you need to use the arrow keys and move Mittens under each hotdog while juggling it. At the same time, do not forget that you have to be careful not to drop them.

While advancing through the levels, it will get increasingly harder to juggle because you will have to do it with two or even more hotdogs at the same time. Be fast and try to catch them all to make Mittens happy and to stop her from being hungry.

The more hotdogs you get, the more points you will count at the end of the game. Are you not hungry for hotdogs yet? Mittens is, and now it all depends on you to help her feed.

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