Boo`s Hide & Scream

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About Boo`s Hide & Scream Game

Welcome to the Monster Academy. Here you will meet all kind of monsters of all shape and sizes. Most of them are very friendly, and they love to have fun and to meet new people from all around the world. Boo is a tiny little girl who became their friend, and now she takes part in an activity for monsters. You can join her in Boo`s Hide & Scream game for some great fun. The monsters will hide under some doors, Boo needs to be very careful, and when the doors open, she needs to scare the monsters to get points. In the right part of your screen, you have the scary meter, which will tell you the time you still have to scare the monsters. You have to move Boo with your mouse right in front of the monsters and click on them to see how your points multiply as the time passes. You have to be very fast to do it because the doors will close after a few seconds and every door that closes means a lost opportunity to scare a monster. When the scary meter is empty, it will depend on the number of monsters you scared if you will pass the level or if you have to play it again. With every level that passes, you have to scare a more significant number of monsters. If you do not make enough scares, the game will be over, and you have no choice but to restart the game all over again. Good luck with the scares.

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