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About Brandy Style Diva Game

When you live in the jungle, and you are a girl, life can be a little bit hard sometimes. We all know that girls need to be pretty all the time and look as good as possible. Fashion is something many people adore, and Brandy makes no exception. We can say that is one of her favorite things and she will prove that in the Brandy Style Diva game contest. For Brandy, her clothes mean a lot and she would do anything to look great all the time. Every single accessory she puts on makes her look amazing even if she lives in the jungle. This time, she trusted you to choose her outfit from a large variety of colors and clothes for a Fashion Photo Shoot. You will have five hot categories with different kind of shoes, head accessories, pieces of jewelry, skirts, and shirts. Once you picked the perfect clothes, choose your favorite color and see how incredible Brandy can look in your creation. If there is something that you think that might be changed, or you do not like what you have created, you can start over again anytime. Once you finish dressing her up, click “I’m done” button and send the fabulous Brandy to the photo shoot. In this way, you will be able to see what a sound designer you may become one day. More than this, you can also share your work with Disney Channel and other Fashionistas by clicking `Send`. It is time for you to shine bright like a diamond on the podium.

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