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About Butterfly Catch Game

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the jungle. Everything looks so perfect that Brandy has a great idea. She decided to go on a butterfly catching adventure because she loves how colorful they are. She got so excited about it that she probably forgot about Mr. Whiskers and he got mad. During the Butterfly Catch game, he will try so much to stop you from having fun, but we should not let him do this, are we right? For Brandy, it is essential to spend a little bit of time alone because all the girls need their private time when they enjoy the beautiful nature or do anything else that they love. How she loves the butterflies, she wants to make some chains of the same color butterflies but her jealous but still a good friend, Mr. Whiskers intends to stop her. Brandy has always been a winner, and she loves to be the best in everything she does. That is also the reason why she wants to catch more and more butterflies with every level that passes. However, she cannot do this thing without your help. By clicking on the same color butterflies, you can create some beautiful and colorful chains that make Brandy happy. Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers is not the only one who is against you today. You will have to be very fast to do the things that you want because the time is not on your side and if you run out of it, the game ends. The butterflies can also fly away so catch three butterflies for a chain to gain more points at the end.

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