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Meet the Robinson family. They know for sure how to have fun on an ordinary day, and for them, there is nothing more important than friendship and family. The Invent O Rama game is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know each member of the Robinson family better and why not, to make some new friends for life. The rules of the game are simple. You need to know the fact that the Robinsons are having a Gizmotron making contest. However, to make a Gizmotron, you require clearing the Gizmos by clicking on groups of at least two or even more of the same color. On each level, you receive a challenge from one member of the family, and you have to make it. On the right side of your screen, you will have the Gizmo-meter. It builds up as you make the Gizmos disappear. If you manage to make eight or more Gizmos of the same color disappear at once, you will be able to double the points. You pass one level when you manage to raise the meter above the borderline before the time runs out. Whenever you are stuck, just press on the gadgets at the bottom of the screen and the Gizmos will shuffle. You have three devices per level to use. From time to time, Doris will meddle in and add more Gizmos, so try to clear them all as fast as you can. If you finish one level and you made all the Gizmos disappear from your screen, you will get bonus points. Be careful at the time passing. If you run out of time, you need to start the game again. Good luck!

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