Lightning McQueen`s Desert Dash

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About Lightning McQueen`s Desert Dash Game

Lightning McQueen says that he is the best at races and that no one ever on earth has ever beaten him. Now that he met some new cars in the Radiator Springs, he is confident that he can beat them too but he does not know the place so well, and the roads here can be dangerous. Anyway, our hero takes part in a great course, and you can do it too by playing the Lightning McQueen’s Desert Dash game. This time you will be on McQueen’s team, and you need to help him win the race and show everyone what he can do. He is competing against some of the best cars, and he needs all the help in the world. If you want to win, you need to use your arrow keys. When you want to accelerate press the up arrow key, and you will barely be able to see McQueen on the road. The left and right arrow keys are for steering left and right because as we have mentioned before, those roads are not as the ones McQueen is used to, and he will have to steer quite often. Your down arrow key is there for the brake. You will need to get in front of the other cars and keep your position like that for three times. When the third round is over, you will see what place you are situated and how good you are. Be fast but do not forget to have fun with your friends and feel good because this is more important than any race!

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