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About Lightning`s Off-Road Training Game

Lightning McQueen is the best racecar that the world has ever heard. When it comes to racing roads, no one beats him. Still, he has a little bit more to practice the off-road ways if he truly wants to be the best. Luckily he knows many cars who are also great friends of his and they can help with McQueen’s little problem. Sarge is one of them. In the Lightning’s Off-Road Training game, he is going to help Lightning McQueen become better at off-road courses. For that to happen, he designed an obstacle course for the racecar. This obstacle course is meant to test McQueen’s agility and his general skills for racing. There are a few challenges Sarge set for Lightning McQueen, and to pass these tests he has to do well in the course. You will need to control the car on the road using the arrow keys from your keyboard. Be careful at the time because you only have one minute to complete the course for three times. On your way, you will find oilcans. Collect them all to improve your badge rating. After you completed one level, another one will unlock. The levels become harder and harder, so be fast and keep practicing. It is important not to give up because it will lead to nothing good and in this way, Lightning McQueen will never learn how to race off-road. Get ready and use your skills to become the best! Good luck!

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