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Do you have the brains and the skills to be like Alex, Clover, and Sam? Play the Totally Spies Spy Chess game to find out what is like to go on an adventure with them, and test your mind when playing this chess sort of game. The mission aims to capture the Macho Trio and send them to jail. To do that you have to strategically move our spies around from one square to another similar to what you would do in a game of chess. Each one of them moves differently, either diagonally, back and forth and left and right. Do not worry that you will not remember how to relocate each of them because when you click the character which you intend to make your move with, some squares around you will lighten up, thus showing you where she can go. While you move around trying to catch the bad guys, do not forget to collect the things that lie on the ground. They are there to give you a little help. Depending on the object they will able you to free one of your friends (this one is the scissors), to trap them away from you ( the rope), to blind them for one round (the flashlight) or to give you an additional move. If you happen to see a shield on the ground, do not hesitate and step on it because it will make it impossible for them to capture you. Be careful with there objects because the enemy can use them as well as you. They are a double-edged sword that can tip the scales against you at any time. That is why big spy brains are a must in this game. There is also another thing that might put pressure on you, that is the timer. You will not be able to take as much time as you would wish to think about your next moves because you have a limited amount of only 25 seconds until your turn will expire and the other team will be able to decide. So use your time carefully and think in advance! If you need a little help deciding, click on the enemy and you will see the squares on which he can step turn red. This will help you anticipate the enemy`s moves and maybe give you a little boost of confidence. As you advance through the levels, the Macho`s will become harder and harder to defeat and there will also appear more of them. Not very appealing but still more straightforward than a real-life game of chess where there are far more rules and thinking. If on the first level were only three of them, on the second will be four and so on. Playing this game will increase your attention levels and will prepare you to be an excellent chess player as well as a fabulous spy, just like your favorite characters in the Totally Spies Tv show. So go ahead and train and have lots of fun while capturing the bad guys.

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