About Totally Spies - Spy Chess

We meet again with a game that involves your perspicacity. A modern version of chess, Totally Spies Spy Chess it`s a very fun game. Our heroines, Clover, Alex and Sam helped by another spy girl need to face three guys named Macho Trio. They have to annihilate one another. Each character is assigned to a chess piece, thereby, Alex has direction as the tower, and Clover and Sam are like the 2 bishops. The 4th spy has the Queen function being able to move both right and diagonal. If one of the spies is captured, on the chess board you have a series of objects that you can use. Thereby, the scissors helps you set free a spy, the lantern helps you to blind your opponent and then capture him easily. The game will be over when all the characters from one side are captured. Avoid being those from your gang. Prove to be a real chess player and help the spies win!

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