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It is time for the final show in Camp Rock - Rock`n Run Game but oh no! All the instruments are missing. Help Mitchie and Shane collect them from the maze by guiding them from your keyboard. Are you ready? Then hit Play right away and do not waste any more time. The aim is to gather all the equipment they need to hold this gig. Choose with which one of them you want to play, the girl or the guy and start searching. When you find any gear, just ran over it and your character will collect it automatically. Try to get it as fast as you can to the stage because the time is flying and you won`t even notice when it is too late. On your way do not forget to take as many musical notes you come across because they mean a higher score in the end. Beware of the three famous brothers because they will follow you everywhere, so you have to make some smart moves to avoid them in the maze. If they happen to catch you, you will be sent back to the main stage, and you will have to start all over again, in other words, you will waste a great deal of time. But wait, it gets even worse. If they get to you while you have an instrument on you, not only that you will be sent back, but you will also lose the gear you were carrying. So outsmart them with your skills and gather all the instrument regardless of their tries to stop you. Go get them!

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