About Cory`s Money Maze

Cory has just developed a new version of his own computer game! You have to guide Cory`s piggybank through the house and pick up all the money you find. Just follow the money trail. You only need the arrow keys on your keyboard to do that. Once you managed to gain a lot of money, you can go to put it into the safe. Be aware of Mom, Dad or Raven, who might catch you and borrow your money! Pay attention to the remotes along your way, you may use them in order to set up traps for your followers. every successful set up trap might bring you additional $5000. After you`ll manage to collect all the money in the current level, you may proceed to the next level. Keep in mind that no matter how much money you`ll be able to collect, only the money deposited in the safe will count towards your score. Don`t forget that you can make use of the safe anytime. In order to move faster through different floors don`t hesitate to use the doors. To move up and down stairs press both the right and left arrow together with the up or down arrow at the same time. Use the UP arrow key on your keyboard in order to put money into safe or to open a door. Have fun!

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