Cory`s Money Maze

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About Cory`s Money Maze Game

Cory, a high school boy, developed a new version of his own computer game! To help him you have to guide Cory`s piggy bank through the house and pick up all the money you find by following the money trail, and also, that`s how you get some points. For playing Cory`s Money Maze game you have to use the left, up, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the maze. When you consider you managed to gain a lot of money, you can go back to the safe box and put it in the safe. Don`t forget to move fast and collect as many points as you can and bring to safety, because Mom, Dad or Raven are carefully walking through the house and might catch you and steal your money! You also have to pay attention to the remotes along your way because you can use them to set different traps for the three followers of which you must be aware. In case you set up traps, for each one you can win additional $5000. You can pass one level only when you have got enough money, but be careful! Just the money collected in the bank account will count! It`s important to keep in mind that you can use the saved money anytime you want. If you`re going to move faster, you can use the doors so the piggy bank can reach easier the different floors. When you want to move up or down the stairs, you have to press the left and the right button at the same time together with the up or down arrow, depending on where you want to go, upstairs or downstairs. When you want to deposit money into the safe box, you must press the up arrow. Go on, gain money and move faster so they can`t catch you!

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