Eddie`s Match`em All Basketball

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About Eddie`s Match`em All Basketball Game

Eddie`s Match`em All Basketball game is a very nice puzzle game, taking place on a virtual basketball court. You will have to help Eddie to match all the different color basketball balls you will find on the field. Once you get on the field you will also find out that the total time is divided into four quarters of three minutes. Each quarter contains a different number of colored basketballs rows.
If you choose to play this, you will find that very simple! To finish the tasks you only need to use your mouse, and when you notice that at least three balls of the same color are forming a group just click on them. Then the groups will clear from the court, and you will gain some points. Attention! Don`t forget you have to be fast to win, because surprises are waiting for you! New rows are served automatically to the court! Be sure to clear the rows quickly so the balls cannot reach the top. When the colored balls reach the top of your screen, the puzzle is over, so be careful! Pay attention to the hand icons. If you are lucky enough to find them click on them to clear larger blocks of balls, and so you will gain even more points.
Right under the time panel, you will find two options, so you can quit the game or get some help if you have any more questions about how you could play it. What are you waiting for? You`re running out of time!

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