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Who does not love some incredibly fun outdoor activities? While you live in the jungle, everything you do becomes an incredible way of having fun and losing time while you make new friends or learn something new. A new Leaf Boarding activity is the best way someone can enjoy himself, and this is precisely what Mr. Whiskers and Brandy are doing. Spending time in the water is always a good idea because the water can be your friend if you want this. Today you can show everyone your boarding skills while you help Brandy or Mr. Whiskers surf on the river from the jungle. Using the arrow keys, you can move up and down. If you press the right arrow key you can accelerate and by using the left arrow key you can splash water. By pressing the spacebar, you will jump over rocks and logs to avoid them. From time to time, you will have to jump over a ramp. When it appears on your way, you can press 1-2-3 number keys to perform tricks while you`re in the air. When a ramp will appear, a flower will indicate it. Be careful because the time you have is limited and once it is over you will finish the race. Try as much as possible not to hit yourself on your way and avoid the wild animals that will get out of water. Collect as many diamonds as possible for a high score at the end of the game and do not forget to have fun all the time!

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