About Snow Brawl

Seeking for a new mission? You have come to the right place because your favorite Disney characters can`t wait to start having an amazing time with you in Snow Brawl game! The main idea of this funny and entertaining game is actually a snowball fight between famous Disney XD characters, grouped by teams of two. Select your favorite duo and help them be the first ones to completely knock down the enemy team`s energy bar in order to win the game. You can use your cursor to stretch the slingshot as far as you wish and after you do that - simply hold and release when you think that you have planned the perfect strategy for destroying your enemy team`s snow fort. You will receive points each time you hit the enemy team directly, so make sure to have as many hits as you can. However, this is not all. You can also find a lot of power ups in your enemy`s snow fort which might help you win the game, such as snow split, target homing and the giant snowball, so make sure you collect everything that is offered to you. You have to win against the other team two times in order to win the game, so better hurry up because your favorite Disney characters are waiting! You can either select the witty two king brothers Boomer and Brady Parker from Pair of Kings or the smart and fun Phineas and Ferb from the cartoon with the same name. Also, you might want to choose the skilled and intelligent Jack and Kim from Kickin` It or the brave Kick Buttowski and his kind friend Gunter Magnuson from the animated series Kick Buttoski: Suburban Daredevil. Help your favorite duo celebrate the victory and have a wonderful time while playing with them! Have fun!

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