Sonny With a Chance Cover Shot

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About Sonny With a Chance Cover Shot Game

Life at Hollywood is awesome, and if you get the chance to live there, you should definitely do it! This is what Sonny did, and now during the Sonny with a Chance Cover Shot game, you will be able to see a little bit of her life in So Random. Sonny and her friends want more fame than they already have and to get it, they need to be on the cover of every magazine possible. You need to help the So Random cast to get on the cover of Tween Weekly Online! The red carpet has different squares, which can rotate to create a path. While you run to the finish line, pick up all the objects from your way; otherwise you will not be able to get to the next member of the cast. Be careful because your rivals, the Mackenzie Falls cast are also there, trying to get on the cover of the magazine too. Do not bump into them, or you will lose time. The fastest you get there, the better it is for you and your cast. Use your mouse to rotate each tile and create a perfect path for your star. Get every So Random member there on time, and everything will be fine for your cast members. You can start with whichever you want and continue in the same way until the last one. Do not lose too much time trying to get the objects. What matters here is to be as fast as you can. Good luck!

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