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Play Carchinko

About Carchinko Game

Lightning McQueen needs your help. He wants to make sure that you are perfect for races and for a life on the race roads. In the new Carchinko game, you will be able to demonstrate this thing to him! What exactly you need to do? Well it is easy. Help him get rid of all the red bolts so you can unlock some fantastic collectible extras as you go. During this game, you will be able to travel all around the world with Lightning McQueen. You will start from Japan, and then Italy, France and your next stop will be The United Kingdom. Once you finished destroying all the red bolts, you will pass to the next level. You need to complete five levels to move to another country. Hit the lightning to unlock levels and to gain extra points. Do not lose too many balls and try to hit as many bolts from the first tries. Doing this thing you will prove to McQueen that you have what it takes for being in this Carchinko competition series! Every level will be a little bit difficult than the other but do not lose hope. It means that you can become better if you try more and Lightning McQueen needs only good people on his side to help him. Get ready and train to become just as good as McQueen is. Only in this way, you will finally be able to participate at the courses and travel with McQueen all around the world!

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