Goofy In Wipeout

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Play Goofy In Wipeout

About Goofy In Wipeout Game

Do you know that kid that is not good at anything but everyone loves and helps him? It is your chance to help that guy in Goofy In Wipeout Game. Poor thing, he cannot under no circumstances maintains his equilibrium of that surfboard, and he needs a little push from someone else or else he will get into the water faster than you would imagine somebody was capable. Hit the waves and control his movements with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Make him balance from the left to right so he can stay on the board and move him around on the wave. He will unmistakably have lots of fun with you around him to help once in a while, and by once in a while, I mean constantly because he is not such a great surfer and he needs constant supervision, or he will fall into the water in a blink of an eye. Once in a while, someone will throw flower leis towards you. Catch as many as you can because besides the fact that they look cool on everyone they will guarantee you some extra time and points that Goofy needs very badly. The more time he is allowed to stay on the board, the faster he will be able to do it by himself later. Once caught, the flowers will add some seconds to the remaining time. If you let him fall, do not blame yourself too much, it happens. Just get back the board hit the play again button and try once again your best to teach him what it means to ride the waves like a pro.

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