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About Pooh`s Big Show Game

Winnie the Pooh is the friendly and thoughtful bear who adores eating honey and spending time with his amazing friends! His smart and capable friend Rabbit will be there to guide him and show him the right way during this game. Get ready, because the fun is about to begin! Your goal is to help Winnie carry all the honey pots to the place marked with a red X without being stung by bees. This game requires you to focus and be very quick, because you have to finish everything before your time runs out! You should use your arrow keys to move Winnie around and you should press your space key in order to pick up the delicious honey pots and carry them to the marked spot. Sounds fun, doesn`t it? You might also want to engage Winnie in a special game in order to win extra points, but you must be extremely cautious because his pot will definitely break if he does not win these games. Also, pay attention to the bees because they might sabotage you on your way towards your goal. When bees notice that Winnie is carrying a honey pot, they will chase him around until they sting him, which will result in him losing one of his three lives. Think fast and run away from the bees as fast as you can if you want the game to last longer and to obtain more points. Winnie and his friends are impatiently waiting for you to help them complete this exciting mission. Do you think you have the skills necessary to complete it? If you do, then let`s begin playing! Good luck and have a lot of fun!

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