Pooh`s Hunnyful Dream

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About Pooh`s Hunnyful Dream Game

Come on in and join Winnie the Pooh in his another honey adventure! Help Pooh to reach the honey pot in “Pooh`s Hunnyful Dream”. The funny little bear Winnie the Pooh is one of the habitants of The Hundred Acre Wood. He is widely known there due to his fabulous passion for honey. Everyone in the Wood knows: there is nothing that can stop Winnie, if he decided to get a pot of sweet honey! Of course, he`s not the only honey adorer in The Hundred Acre Wood. There is minimum one more character which craves for honey almost as much as Pooh does. Sure, you already guessed who are we talking about. It`s the cute pink pig Piglet! Piglet is the best friend of Winnie following him in all of his ventures. Luckily, their many adventures never go really dangerous... until today. There were no doubts, that a single though of honey can lift Winnie the Pooh out of bed. But not literally! Well, it turned out, that when honey is in question, Pooh can leave his house and rush for another honey pot in the middle of a night! One night a wonderful smell of a honey pot pie crept into Winnie`s room. Being a little big lazy to wake up, Pooh followed the smell staying asleep! He floated up and past the Milky Way to the Honey Way and then stuck in a maze. Help him to get to the honey pot safety and to avoid the little monsters hiding in the maze!

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