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About Pizza Palooza Game

Hey everyone, we have pizza! Would you like to get a big slice? We know that we would love that. Guess who else is a huge fan of pizza. The famous and incredible Jonas Brothers. They would eat it all day long and recently they have even learned how to cook it. In Pizza Palooza game you will need to help them prepare the dough, decorate, cook and put the pizza in the boxes. Doing this thing is not easy because there is always a chance to drop the dough or to run out of time. The only thing we want is to make as many pizzas as you can in order to gain many points at the end of the game. To do this thing, use the left and right arrow keys to move from one brother to another and the space bar to throw the dough in the air. After you finish preparing the dough, you will have to decorate the pizza with some delicious ingredients. Pick the falling ingredients and put them on your pizza. At the end, you will have to cook as many pizzas as you can. Be very careful not to burn them because they will not be good anymore and we certainly do not want this thing to happen. One of the Jonas Brothers will be waiting for you with a large box, so you can take out the pizza from the oven and give it to them. Does not it sound just delicious? We guess it is about time you cook your own pizza and show everyone how you rock at doing this!

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