About Goofy`s Frenzy Kitchen

Yummy! What smells so good? We believe that it is from the Goofy’s Frenzy Kitchen game. The smell is amazing and we bet it tastes delicious. However, what is Goofy cooking? He is preparing great meals for all the Disney characters. Anyway, he needs a little bit of help because there are so many people waiting in line and he cannot serve everyone by himself. You need to do two simple things in order to help Goofy. You will see what someone asks for and in order to prepare their meal, click on the aliments right in the order that they shine the first time. If you put them on the plate in some other order, a red sign will appear and you will have to take everything from the beginning. When you run out of food, go to the fridge and click on the things you need. Goofy will fill you up and you will be ready to go again. Be careful when you need to use the cooker. Do not forget to press on it too when needed. If you will give food to everyone, the people will be happy and this will make Goofy feel good. He loves helping others and seeing his friends happy. Moreover, considering that food is something that makes everyone happy, he just found the perfect recipe to have happy friends by his side all the time. With every level that passes, things get harder but do not worry, stay calm and be focus on the food you have to serve!

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