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Would love to help our favorite sidekick, and Ron Stoppable`s best friend Rufus, to test his memory skills? Then it`s the perfect time to start playing Rufus Recall game! As you know, Rufus is an invaluable member of Team Possible, who helps his friends Ron and Kim fight crime and the forces of evil, but today, he`s off duty, and likes to spend his free time testing his and yours memory skills! Each game starts out with a row of tiles that have hidden faces of our well-known characters from your favorite show, Kim Possible. Use your LEFT mouse key to select a tile and see what is hidden behind it, and then select another one to see if they match. If the tiles match, they disappear, but if they don`t, just remember the last tile that you revealed, and keep on clicking! When you find the tile that matches your last one, click on both of them to make them vanish. When a pair of tiles disappears, you get awarded 100 points. If you clear two or more pairs of tiles in a row, you get bonus `Combo` points! The timer on the bottom quickly fills up, and when it does, another column of tiles goes up. If a column reaches the top of the screen, it`s game over. This is really entertaining, isn`t it? Some special tiles appear from time to time and help you advance through the levels. For example, bomb tile will clear all the tiles in that column, so make sure that you activate it only when the row is full! The Lightning tile will stop the timer for a while, so make sure you have your fingers at the ready and quickly open and match as many tiles as possible. The Kimmunicator tile will show you what`s behind all of the tiles on the screen, so make sure you remember them and quickly match them to get the most points! For every level, you need to match all the pairs right before advancing to the next one. Every time you make a pair of tiles disappear, Rufus will make sure to cheer for you! We are sure you got what it takes to help your friend Rufus test his memory skills, so get ready to play because he`s counting on you!

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