About Spot The Difference

Ready for another adventure with the talented and creative Remy? Join this incredible cook from Paris for a game called Spot the Differences! Remy loves to create new recipes and to prepare delicious meals for people to enjoy along with his good friend Languini. Get immersed in the beauty of Parisian cuisine and have a lot of fun at the same time. Do you think you have an eye for detail? If you do, then you will do an amazing job in spotting the differences between the two pictures of Remy carrying an incredibly tasty piece of cheese! Come out as the winner of this fun game by clicking on the parts of the picture which you consider to be different and win fifty points for each correct click! Sounds fun, doesn`t it? The little circle that your cursor turns into will help you focus on the differences better, so use everything that you are provided with in a perfect way in order to win the game! However, if you click on the wrong part of the picture, you will lose ten points and this can get you further away from the high score you wish to achieve! Also, make sure you don`t click on the wrong spot three times because after the third click, your game will be over. You can see how many differences are left for you to find at the bottom of the screen. This requires a lot of focus, concentration and analysis, so activate your special skills and let`s not disappoint Remy and friends! As you move on to the next level, the game just gets harder and harder, but it becomes twice as fun! If you decide to join Remy and friends for this incredible game, you will definitely have the time of your life and sharpen your skills! Have fun!

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